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Fighting For
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How To Deal With A Hostile Work Environment In Michigan

Many workplaces are unpleasant. You may not get along with some co-workers or have a boss who treats you poorly. While this certainly feels like a hostile work environment, it meets the legal criteria only if you are being harassed because of your religion, race, age, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender or sexual orientation. At Miller Cohen, P.L.C., we know that it can be difficult to determine whether a situation is a hostile work environment. Harassment can take many forms, but only certain types of harassment qualify as creating a hostile work environment. We can discuss your case and answer your questions. To schedule a free consultation with one of our Michigan employment law lawyers, please call or .

Does Harassment Prevent You From Working?

To prove a hostile work environment claim, the harassment must be based on a protected class and be so pervasive that it affects a person’s ability to perform his or her job. A hostile work environment can include harassment over a person’s race, age, sex, religion, national origin or disability. The most common type of hostile work environment is based on sexual harassment.

However, some people experience a hostile work environment due to harassment over their religion, race, age, ethnicity or disability. In these cases, the harassment is typically verbal and can include inappropriate jokes, comments, emails, websites, photos or threats. A co-worker, manager, owner or third party can commitment workplace harassment.

If you are being harassed at work, try to document the instances as thoroughly as possible and gather any physical evidence such as emails or photos. You should also report the harassment to your supervisor and follow your company’s reporting policy. We can represent you during this stage to ensure that your rights are protected.

The Time Is Now. Talk To An Employment Law Attorney Today About Your Options.

A toxic work environment is extremely stressful. If it is not addressed, you can develop health issues and face other long-term consequences. Do not wait any longer. The best time to address it is now. Schedule a confidential consultation at no charge by calling or toll-free . You can also reach us online.

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